What Is The Best Dog Training Collar For Your Dog?


Deciding On The Best Dog Training Collar

Best Dog Training Collar


The decision that you have to make about what is the best dog training collar to get for your dog turns out to be a very important decision. There are so many factors to take into consideration as it turns out to be another of those important dog trainig tools that you need in your toolkit. 






Some of these factors include:


The Best Dog Training Collar Needs To Be Safe

Due to the fact that most countries require you to keep your dog on a leash when you are off of your property, getting the best dog training collar has become a very important piece of equipment. When you are deciding on what type of dog collar to get for your dog, safety is a very important thing to keep in mind.  In case your dog gets lost, your dog can be identified easily through the tags that are attached to the dog collar with your phone number and then can be returned to you. If your dog is in an unsafe situation, you are able to grab the collar to keep your dog safe. You want to make sure that the collar fits your dog, so that your dog is not able to escape from the collar, but also that your dog cannot strangle himself if he gets caught on something. If you are the type of person that walks your dog in the dark, you may want to consider having the best dog training collar that either has a light on it or has reflective material, so that the dog is visible in the dark.

The Best Dog Training Collar Needs To Be Durable

Not only is safety a consideration for the best dog training collar, but also is your dog collar durable? You have to take into consideration the size or breed of dog, the sex of the dog and the activity level of your dog. A dog collar that is durable for a miniature poodle certainly will not be appropriate for a Great Dane. The most durable dog collars are usually made of leather, but can also be made of nylon (for smaller breeds), canvas or woven fabric (for swimmers), or heavy webbing and other materials.

What Is The Best Dog Training Collar?

These days there are so many kinds of dog collars. Picking out the best dog training collar for you really does take some thought.There are collars that are simple and practical, all the way to very unique designer collars. They can be made out of the following:

best dog training collar

  • cotton
  • leather
  • nylon
  • beads
  • woven materials
  • hand made
  • metallic
  • stone-studded
  • bling
  • jewelled
  • suede
  • silver, platinum or gold, etc.

There are also a variety of categories of the best dog training collar that include:

  • training
  • reflective
  • adjustable
  • electric or e-collars
  • no-bark
  • washable
  • waterproof, etc.

Types of Dog Collars

There are two types of dog collars. There are collars for regular day to day wear and then there is the best dog training collar for training. The collars for day to day wear include the following:

buckle best dog training collar
A flat or buckle dog collar is usually made out of leather or nylon. These collars have a buckle that close them. The buckles are either a belt buckle or a quick release buckle. The belt buckle is the strongest and is usually the best dog training collar for larger dogs. The quick release buckles are usually snap buckles which are convenient, but are better used for smaller dogs as they are not all that strong. These collars also usually come with a loop for attaching your leash to.

A stud dog collar is very popular these days. They are more of a fashion collar now, but they used to be worn to protect the dog’s neck from being bitten.

Flea dog collars are not used as the main collar, but are collars that have chemicals in them that help to repel fleas.

cone dog collar


Elizabethan collars or cone collars are shaped like a cone and usually made of plastic. This is the best dog training collar to prevent your dog from scratching or licking any wounds that he may have so that they don’t get any bigger and don’t get infected and allow the affected area to heal. The collar may be attached to the dogs own collar or may have its own collar. The cone needs to be shallow enough for your dog to be able to eat and drink.


A safety stretch dog collar has an elastic in the nylon collar that allows it to stretch in the event that your dog gets himself into a situation that he could be strangled.

When considering the best dog training collar to be used in dog training, you want to make sure that it gives you control over your dog regardless of the size of your dog. Each collar has its advantages and disadvantages. Also, most training collars are not meant to be left on the dog, except for when you are actually training the dog, as some of them could be harmful to the dog when not supervised. Here are some of the dog training collars:

choke best dog training collar
Choke dog collar (also known as choke chains, slip collars or slip chains) are chains that are cut to a particular length to fit the dogs neck, that have loops at either end. When there is a quick jerk of the collar, with an immediate release, the collar is used to correct the dog so that it will heel. The more you pull on this collar, the more you will choke your dog. This collar should never be used when you are tying your dog up as it could collapse its trachea.
Martingale Best Dog Training Collar

The martingale collar is  a more comfortable collar than choke collars when your dog is on a leash. It is put together with two loops, a larger loop that goes around the dog’s neck and a smaller loop where the leash is attached to a ring. If your dog tries to get out of the collar, the pressure on the leash causes the small loop to tighten, which then causes the large loop to become smaller around the dog’s neck. This action prevents the dog from escaping from his collar. As long as the collar is adjusted to the dog’s neck appropriately, the collar will be snug around his neck when the leash is taught, but will not choke the dog. This is the best dog training collar for dogs that have necks that are larger than their heads such as bulldogs and Sight hounds, but has been found to be beneficial to pretty much any breed. The martingale collar provides a much more gentle correction than a choke collar or a prong collar does.

prong best dog training collar
Prong collars are gentler than a choke collar even though they look harsher, due to the fact that there is a limit on how far the collar can be pulled tight on the dog’s neck, unlike the choke collar. Part of the collar is made out of chain links, but the part that goes around the dog’s neck is made out of chain links that look like blunted prongs that are pointed at the dog’s neck. Due to the angle of the prongs, when the collar is pulled, the prongs do not move close enough to the dog’s neck to pinch him, but does create pressure. This prevents the dog from pulling on the leash. The collar is placed high on the dog’s neck, right behind his ears.

shock best dog training collar
Shock collars (or electronic collars, e-collars, remote training collars) give a mild electric shock or vibration when a correction is given to the dog. There are two types of shock collars. There are remote control collars and there ones that are automatic. Usually the remote control collars are used in actual dog training. The automatic ones are usually used in stop barking collars, or collars that are put on a dog that is fenced in by a wireless fencing system. It is important when using these type of collars, that the dog owner follows the instructions exactly. Otherwise, a dog could be injured or emotionally damaged. It is important that the dog never associates the shock to you, so it is recommended that the dog wears the collar for a few days before any kind of shock is administered and that they do not see the hand held remote at all. You want to make sure that the collar fits correctly, is waterproof, and has multiple stimulation levels. It is a good idea to really research this type of collar as there are many experts who are against any kind of collar that causes a dog pain in behavior modification.

Lighted collars emit light so that your dog can be seen at night. It is generally used for dogs that patrol at night, but they can also be used for those dog owners that walk their dogs at night.

halter best dog training collar

Halter collars allow you to control your dog’s head. It goes around the dog’s nuzzle and then attaches at the back of his neck. This type of dog collar allows you greater control over the direction that the dog goes and how intense your dog pulls on the leash. The dog is still able to drink, breathe and get objects normally.



Show collars allow dog handlers to control their dog easily in the ring. They are usually made of metal in a variety of colors and materials. They are quite often very fancy and dressy to show off the dog.

Measuring For Your Best Dog Training Collar

It is very important that your dog’s collar is comfortable for him. Take a tape measure and measure around his neck and place two fingers between the dog’s neck and the tape measure. The measure should be tight enough that the dog cannot escape from the collar. These are the usual sizes for collars for dogs although you can see variations on the sizes depending on where you look:



X-small to small – 7” to 11” (2 – 12 pounds ie) toy poodles)
Medium – 11” to 15” (10 – 45 pounds ie) beagles)
Large – 15” to 22” (40 – 120 pounds ie)  shepherds)
X-large – 22” to 29” (100 -200 pounds ie) rottweilers)

Usually the best dog training collar is either ½" or 1"  in width. If the dog is between sizes, or your dog is still growing, it is recommended that you go with the larger size. The price of dog collars can range for as little as $5 to as much as $100 or more, depending on what it is made out of and how fancy you want to go.

You can see there is a lot to know about finding the best dog training collar for you and I have really only skimmed the surface. I will be going into more detail about the individual collars that are available and what they will be suitable for. So stay tuned for more information to help you choose the best dog training collar for your dog.

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